Interview with ScotGrad Programme Manager Kelly Barbour

Wednesday 18 February 2015

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Please introduce yourself and say a little about your role.

Hello! My name is Kelly Barbour and I work as a Programme Manager at ScotGrad.

ScotGrad offers paid graduate placements, which last 3 -12 months, within small to medium sized companies across Scotland. We also have a summer placement programme for students returning to their studies after the break: these placements are 8 – 12 weeks long, also paid, and are based in the Highlands & Islands of Scotland.

I joined the ScotGrad team in June 2013, working on our social media presence and marketing activities. After being with the team for 18 months, I was delighted to move into a management role in January 2015. My day to day job involves of a number of different tasks, which means no two days are the same! I’m also out of the office regularly, attending careers fairs and hosting presentations, spreading the word about ScotGrad. The best part about my job is speaking to loads of fascinating people, and helping others get involved with new and exciting projects through our programme.

What do you think of Professional Skills Curriculum?

I think the Professional Skills Curriculum is a fantastic initiative. The fact that it’s open to all years at St Andrews means that there will be a great range of students attending these workshops, all gaining valuable experience and seeing things from a different perspective. Having this sort of programme on your CV – before you even graduate – is an excellent way to showcase your motivation to employers, and will give you a better understanding of the skills needed to succeed in your future career.

What professional skills you think are essential for students applying for internships and graduate jobs?

When applying for graduate placements through ScotGrad, our employers are looking beyond your degree discipline to find out more about your ‘softer’ skills. For example, our employers look for evidence of self-management, team working, excellent communication skills, and someone with a motivated and enthusiastic approach. What we tend to see is most students aren’t aware that they have these skills already. You don’t necessarily need to have months of work experience under your belt – these skills are being developed throughout your time at university. The trick is to look beyond the daily tasks and projects you are doing, and be more reflective – analyse which skills you are using, learn how to explain them to employers, and ‘sell’ your experience!

What professional skills do graduates often lack?

I believe some graduates lack the understanding of how to articulate their experience to employers, and, therefore, how to submit a winning application. When applying for roles, it is vital that you are tailoring your application and CV to each job specification and company. Companies want evidence that you are engaged and proactive, and if they see a generic CV or application, they won’t be impressed… and you won’t stand out. I would strongly encourage all students and graduates to speak to their careers service for advice, then take the extra time and send in a few excellent, tailored applications. I promise you will see the results!

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