PSC graduate, Jennifer Peake

Wednesday 17 June 2015

J Peake - PSC

Jennifer Peake completed the PSC in academic year 2011/12. She reflects back on how her PSC experience helped her subsequently, during her year’s placement in industry.

Why did you take part?

I saw an entry in Wednesday memos for undergraduates one week and when I read about the content of the course it sounded really interesting, so I thought I would go along one week and give it a try! After meeting Cat and learning more about how it worked, I knew I had made the right decision.

How did the PSC sessions help you?

The content covered in the sessions filled some of the blanks that I had with regards to the workplace, such as what is it like in a meeting? As a chemistry student, I was able to do a 12 month placement as part of my degree and I think the PSC helped me to prepare for that. There were moments when it might have been a bit daunting but I really think the PSC gave me the confidence I needed.

What advice would you give to people considering taking part in the PSC?

Go for it! There really isn’t a huge time demand to do this course and the knowledge you can gain from it is fantastic. There are lots of things doing a degree can prepare you for, but day to day life in the workplace is very different to student life – surely any advice you can have to maximise your opportunities and smooth the transition is worthwhile?

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