Interview with Charissa Taylor, PSC alumna

Monday 21 September 2015

Charissa TaylorCharissa Taylor, a Professional Skills Curriculum alumna, met with the PSC team to tell us how the course made a major impact on her future career.

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Charissa Taylor, I am a fourth year student doing Economics and German. I did an internship with JP Morgan over the summer, and they just offered me a job for next year.

How did you get involved in Professional Skills Curriculum course?

I saw a poster for the Practical Skills ‘Leadership in Practice’ sessions and I decided to attend. I was aware of the PSC workshops, but learning through practise has always been more efficient for me. I found the sessions very helpful, and later on I completed eight workshops to get recognition for doing the course.

Has the PSC had an impact on your life, and how?

What I learnt at the Practical Skills sessions helped me a lot throughout my internship. After the session I became more aware of how other people see me, how to create a good impression and how to conduct myself. I also improved my leadership and team-work skills. During the Practical Skills session you get to work with such a vast amount of different people that you would never have to as part of your university life. When I went to JP Morgan, I could straight away work with others without much difficulty. Practical Skills sessions also taught me how to come across as keen, and even when I had nothing to do during my internship, I never looked bored, which helped as well.

What part of the course did you find to be particularly helpful?

Definitely the ‘Leadership in Practice’ Practical Skills sessions. The way it is structured ensures that everything you learn from the presentation at the start, you later put into practice. The peer assessment in the end is very helpful as well, because people are usually very honest and give good advice on what was good and what needs improvement.

Would you recommend PSC to other students?

Yes, especially to first and second years students, because they have more free time. I did mine in my third year, and it was quite challenging to do it alongside the deadlines in Honours. PSC also gives good preparation for internships applications, so by the time they get to that point, they already have some skills to their benefit.

NB: The Leadership in Practice sessions are delivered in collaboration with Tayforth Universities Officers Training Corps and are running throughout semester 1.

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