My PSC Experince – Zoe Wood

Tuesday 7 May 2019

I started the PSC course at the start of the year as I was interested in developing skills that would prepare me for life after university. The PSC course is a programme of lectures and workshops that aim to help students develop professional skills, readying them for life after university. You can attend any of the talks just for fun or you can choose to do the PSC programme by collecting a PSC passport from the CAPOD building and collecting stamps for any events you attend. Once you have collected 8 stamps, you write a reflective essay about your experience of the PSC programme. After this you will have completed the course and it will be added to your academic transcript. It’s worth noting that you must complete the course within one academic year to obtain this qualification.

I am currently working on writing my essay and highly recommend the course to anyone. The PSC course covers a wide range of topics, so you can pick and choose what you would like to focus on. You can learn about teamwork, resilience, project management, leadership, communication, and a whole range of useful skills that you can see by looking at the PSC website. They run throughout the year so if you can’t make a talk or workshop then chances are you’ll be able to make another session later in the year. If you’re really struggling to make any of the talks then there’s also a range of lectures online. I have found all of the talks and online courses I have done to be very helpful, particularly the event during careers week which was organised by CAPOD and the careers centre to help students know how to apply what they’ve learnt during the PSC course to life beyond university.

I found doing the course rather reassuring. I personally find it hard to convey that I have used transferable skills from my experiences but having specific workshops and lectures makes it a lot easier to know how to explain you have, for example, good time management skills and how to back it up with evidence that you may not have even thought counted as using a certain skill. The event during careers week highlighted that I had already displayed many professional skills through studying at university and through various work experience placements, and gave me the skills to convey and demonstrate that to others. That is what I have found most useful about the course – it not only helps you develop skills, but it also highlights that, actually, you have more experience with professional skills than you would expect.

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